This is a rather young industry as steroids have been discovered less than a 100 years ago. It all started with androgen substitution hormones being extracted from the animal tissue. The acquired substances had a strong impact on human recipients adding to their strength, performance and endurance.

Those were the first steroids for sportsmen. A few decades later a bodybuilding revolution has started with testosterone steroids being cheap,easy to get on prescription and extremely powerful. The first synthesised androgenic steroids were Nandrolone, Trenbolone and Stanozolol.

The Essentials

You cannot achieve amazing physique without regular rigorous workouts and a special diet. Sports steroids are not a magic pill that is meant to substitute hard work. But you now have options that help you get an extra kick when you reach your physical limit.

Sports pharmaceuticals are there to help you uncover your full potential that you never knew about. Think about it, you have been working out regularly for some years and now you feel that you have already hit the plato no matter what you do the muscle mass won’t get any bigger.

If you want to surpass the limits and go to the next level that is where steroid hormones for bodybuilders come into play. They are also called anabolics for their ability to trigger the constructive metabolism aka anabolism. This function is usually performed by testicular hormone and your muscle growth depends on how much of it your body can produce.

No matter what sports steroids you take the post-steroid therapy is just as important. It is meant to help you stabilize your levels and make sure all theresults you got during your anabolic course are there to stay. The PST will help you tackle the adverse reaction as well.


There are so many reasons why anabolics are used in bodybuilding. There are numerous functions that various steroid hormones carry out:

Rapid muscle tissue buildup
Gradual lean muscle development
Fat burn
Water flushing
Stronger libido
Better stamina and endurance
More energy and shorter reaction time
Cortisol suppression
Joints rejuvenation
Bone marrow strengthening
Testosterone replacement therapy
Metabolism stimulation
Faster post-workout recovery

Female athletes have also made good use of steroid hormones as you have drugs like Stanozolol etc. that have slim to none virilization effects. Market is saturated with numerous options to fulfil all your requirements. You have special blends giving you stable levels with various effects etc.

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